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Hello, my name is DCC Randy Barkman. After being selection board eligible for seven years in a row, and not being selected by the selection board for Chief, I realized it was time for me to get serious.
The reason I was not selected by the board was not because I didn’t care about my shipmates, or that I wasn’t involved in my Navy career, it was due to how I approached the exam and not realizing how crucial it was to check and update my service record. Because I wanted to make the necessary changes, I started by researching Navy web sites and talking to Chiefs and Senior Chiefs. I really learned a lot. I found out exactly what I had to do, exactly what steps I needed to take, when to take them, and how important each step was. I changed my entire approach to how I studied for the exam and how I prepared my record to go before the selection board. In July 2003, I was given the honor of being selected as Chief. It was not mere coincidence, it happened because I learned the five crucial factors:
1. Evaluations
2. Bibliography
3. Study!
4. Check Your Record
5. Submit Your Package

This site will outline what I did, step by step, in order to help you make the correct decisions and guide you through the exam & selection board process. This site will not go into great detail on information that is readily available elsewhere on the internet. However, I will be giving you links to the appropriate sites for more detailed information. I personally have two other web sites. One is Navy Advancement Help, which is an online study guide for the PMK portion of your exam and further study tips. It is very extensive. There will be 100 PMK questions on the E-7 exam, which will be 50% of the questions on the exam. The other is Evaluations Made Easy, which is a site developed to help you understand your evals, help you improve them, and describes their role in your advancement. There will be other Navy sites and reference material I will refer you to as well as we go along.

If you would like to leave feedback or comments on this site, please contact me by signing the Guestbook below. Thanks!

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