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Pay attention to charts & graphs in your courses and study materials. Look at pictures and remember illustrations. Do not study only course questions and answers. While memorizing those may help, invariably there will be questions on the exam that differ from the course Q & Aís. Once you have you Bib, focus on the chapters and study materials shown on it. Make flash cards.
My other site Navy Advancement Help has further study tips. It is a course companion and study guide for the Military Requirements (PMK) course chapters. There are study notes on the site for the BMR, MR for 1st, MR for 3&2, and MR for Chief. What I did was pick out key points from each chapter that I would include in an exam if I was the exam writer. It is constantly being updated, as I check the Bibs for both active duty and reservists, and add notes as needed. While it will not be all you need, it will help you study. Remember, 50% of your exam questions will be PMK questions. I also list links at that site to other PMK study materials listed on some of the Bibs that do not come from the MR courses.
Games like Who Wants to be a Master Chief may also be helpful to you as well. There are downloads for that game and some in-rating games as well here. When taking the exam, use logic. Use your knowledge and process of elimination when you do not know an answer to come to a more educated guess. If you studied well, you still arenít going to have all the answers. But you may often find that knowing what the answer isnít will help you come to the best conclusion.
I mentioned before that the evaluations are of utmost importance once you become board eligible. However, your test score will be taken into consideration by the board as well. Keep in mind your goal to get the highest exam score in your rating! Donít study just enough to pass or squeak by! Study to be the very best! Your score will give the board an idea where you stand in your knowledge of the Navy and your rating relative to your competition. If you take the time to study consistently over a period of six months, and remain focused on your studies, you will be more likely to retain the information than if you try to cram at the last moment.

Additional study tips from the Navy are available here(Enlisted Exam Strategy Guide)..

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