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The exam score is more important than your evals averages toward your FMS (final multiple score) when becoming selection board eligible. However, I list evaluations as the first crucial factor because the selection board will normally go back five years when looking at your evals! Once you become selection board eligible, and go before the board, your evaluations are the most crucial factor in being selected for Chief. So, your evaluations will need to show superior performance and constant, steady improvement over a period of years, proving that you made strides to always improve your performance as a Petty Officer. What is written in your evals is something that will make or break you once you go in front of the selection board. Therefore, it is never too soon to be sure that your evals reflect your work and potential.
The difference in FMS points when going up for Chief between a 4.0 sailor and a 3.6 sailor is minimal (only 5.2 points). I would rather be a 3.8 First Class going before the board with well written evals detailing my achievements than a 4.0 First Class with nothing to back up those marks! The selection board wants to see what you have done, if you are a good leader, if you take initiative and get involved with your command and your community. If you have a high evaluation average, but your evals do not detail your abilities and accomplishments, you can be passed over. This is why your Brag (input) sheets are so important. Every year the selection board provides feedback to advise you on what they felt were problem areas within the selection process, and how to make the appropriate corrections. (click here and scroll down to E-7 Board Feedback to read the latest feedback letter. It is an MS word download from the Official site) The feedback routinely indicates that sailors often get passed over for selection due to lack of information or vague comments in the evaluations!

For more information on how to improve your evals, and for how your averages are computed for your FMS, click here. The evaluations lesson will open in a new window so you do not have to leave this site.

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